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Seibon 02-03 Subaru Impreza / Wrx Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop CW StyleSeibon 02-03 Subaru Impreza / Wrx Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop CW Style

Seibon 02-03 Subaru Impreza / Wrx Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop CW Style

Model: HDS0203SBIMP-CW
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Your car says everything about YOU and I guarantee people are talking about what your car looks like.

EVERYBODY sees your Car's exterior

  • Unlike your stereo, turbo kit, etc, body mods are the FIRST THING someone sees
  • Body mods are also the last thing they see as you pass them and leave them in the dust.
  • A Car's hood accounts for 25% of the exterior so with one purchase you'll upgrade a quarter of the outside of your car.

  • The exterior of your most prized possession has GOT to look awesome but some of us really don't care about looks.
    If you're all go and no show:

  • don't FORGET! Our Carbon fiber parts are up to 50% lighter than OEM
  • And vents decrease intake charge temps which means more horsepower

  • There's one other pretty awesome benefit to carbon fiber parts. CARBON PARTS ARE LESS EXPENSIVE THAN PAINTED OEM PARTS
    That's why so many insurance companies actually prefer you order a carbon fiber part instead of OEM.


    So here's how you get the free Seibon Lanyard and flashlight...

    In addition to the free shipping...
    For the next 12 hours we will be giving away a FREE Seibon flashlight
    AND while supplies last, we're giving away Seibon Lanyard for free with carbon hoods over $600.


    Now that you've read this article about carbon fiber hoods you should call us (877-696-4455) or place an order RIGHT NOW
    while we're still offering free shipping, free Seibon Lanyard and an awesome Seibon flashlight.


    Hyundai Tiburon 07-08 TS Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood by Shyam JethvaDate Added: Sunday 19 December, 2010

    this is awesome!! haha my cars on your website! hey you guys wouldn't have any other carbon fiber parts for my car would you? if so please email me and let me know thanks!

    Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

    Honda Civic 2dr 06-07 OEM Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood by Michael Sessions

    Date Added: Sunday 05 September, 2010
    Awesome hood. Free shipping rocked!

    Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

    Honda Civic 96-98 OEM Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood by nick comai
    Date Added: Saturday 10 July, 2010
    very nice quality and shipping! mega light and was right to par.

    Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]


    Want to know our return policy?

    You don't like the hood, you return it and keep the Seibon Lanyard and flashlight as our gift to you for trying our product.

    99.5% of the time our Seibon carbon fiber parts fit perfectly. I'm not going to tell you they fit perfectly every time, of course they're going to need some
    adjustments sometimes or a bit of modification every once in a while (nothing major).And once in a blue moon, the part just won't fit because it's defective.

    That's where our awesome warranty comes into play. I PERSONALLY, guarantee that if the part is defective we will replace it at absolutely NO COST to you. Now that's motivation for us to get it right the FIRST time.


    A couple more reasons why you'll buy your carbon parts from ILLSTREET:

  • We're a carbon fiber parts manufacturer. We KNOW carbon fiber. If we can build airplane parts, we can handle your Car's hood.
  • We're an authorized dealer. That means Seibon holds us to the highest standards
  • All authorized dealers MUST sell at the price we have this part listed for.
  • If someone else has a lower price they're NOT an authorized dealer and Seibon won't stand behind the part they sell to you (don't forget our shipping is free).


    Since we're a carbon fiber parts manufacturer, we know things our competitors don't. Do you think our competitors know the carbon fiber in this part is a 33msi modulus T-300 Toray carbon fiber tow woven at Seibon's own factory? Nope. So here are a couple other facts our competitors don't know or don't understand.

  • The carbon in this part is Grade A Toray yarn. It's hands down THE best carbon fiber yarn when looks matter. Most carbon manufacturers just use whatever junk carbon they can get a hold of. Other yarns tend to be kind of fuzzy and the edges aren't defined.
  • Seibon Parts are molded in high quality aluminum molds. NOT fiberglass molds like OTHER manufacturers. This means consistent OEM quality fitment.
  • Seibon's secret manufacturing technique means their hoods can be 20-30 lbs lighter than oem.
  • These parts are made with a resin that has UV inhibitors blended in. They've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a resin that is UV stable. Take a look at a formula 1 car in person. I can nearly guarantee it won't be the same quality finish.
  • When you buy this part you will see Seibon products really do last for YEARS without fading, turning yellow, etc.
  • The 2x2 twill weave that Seibon uses in their hoods is flawless every time. They literally throw away hundreds of hoods every year that you'd never know were defective if you saw them. That's a commitment to quality!
  • The twill carbon fiber wraps all the way around the edges of the hood. Take a look at one of the crap hoods on ebay. It looks like someone used a rusty hack saw to trim the flashing off. Not seibon though.
  • Seibon parts have rounded edges. Refer to the rusty hack saw comment above....
  • Here's a biggy... Seibon parts have reinforced mounting points. Others don't.
  • Also, we guarantee every seibon hood shipped out will have a genuine Seibon badge on it.

  • Now that you have read all of the amazing benefits of our carbon fiber parts, I'm sure you realize this is exactly what you need to take your car to the next level.
    If you're not quite ready to buy just yet,here are just a FEW of our other satisfied customers.


    Nissan 240Sx / Silvia (S14 Kouki) 97-98 BA Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood by alexander cruzDate Added: Sunday 09 May, 2010
    just a couple shots for you guy's.
    thanks for the great customer care,you guys took
    care of me from a-b. i really love the hood it fit perfect
    on the car just like you said.
    again thank alot.

    Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

    Subaru Impreza / WRX 02-03 OEM Style Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood by Josh Trujillo

    Date Added: Saturday 12 September, 2009
     Very happy with the product and the company, Order was shipped very fast. I would recommend this company to any one looking at purchasing Carbon fiber products for your car. Once again 100% satisfied with the product and Illstreet.

    Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

    Infiniti G35 03-07 2dr Terminator ViS Carbon Fiber Hood by nick sweigart
    Date Added: Friday 04 September, 2009
    this is a very good company to order from they send detail info about your order to your email almost everyday. if you have any questions they reply very quickly to help you. and there parts a very good quality and ship on time.

    Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

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    SubaruImpreza/WRX2002 - 2003

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