Benefits of a Carbon Fiber Hood

Whether you like racing or showing your car, you need a carbon fiber hood!

Did you know that your car’s hood accounts for a quarter of the vehicles exterior? By installing a carbon fiber hood you can will effectively upgrade a quarter of your car’s exterior. This is great for adding a quick stylish edge to your car for car shows. Sometimes a carbon fiber hood can be the difference between 1st and 2nd place in a car show.

If car shows aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know that many times a carbon fiber hood can weigh less than half what the stock hood weighs. If you chose a dry carbon hood and give up the shiny finish then you can save even more weight. We often see an additional 7-8 pounds of savings over the regular carbon fiber hood.

Additionally, many of our hoods come with vents or scoops. These vents and scoops can effectively lower the intake charge temperatures by up to 50%. This has many benefits. Lower engine bay temperatures mean your plastic connectors, hoses, etc will last longer. Also, you can see an improvement in your gas mileage and life of your engine. Finally and most important, lower intake charge temperatures mean… MORE POWER!

In conclusion, a carbon fiber hood is a stylish way to improve your power to weight ratio by lowering your car’s weight and increasing your car’s power. Who thought an aftermarket car hood could do all this?